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Live streaming is a broadcasting practice that brings audio and video of real-time happenings to viewers over the internet. Live streaming is becoming more and more popular in the professional world as it helps businesses and organizations to connect with their audience on a deeper level despite the barrier of physical location.

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Setting up your own live stream requires technical skills and experience that the average aquarium business professional doesn’t have. You can purchase your own audio and video equipment and a server, but the DIY approach can get complicated and expensive. Let ReefStream do the work for you!


Ready to take your live streaming to the next level?

ReefStream offers more than just professional live streaming services. We have a full-suite of marketing services that are affordably priced to help you reach the maxium number of viewers and get the most mileage out of the content you produce.

Transform Your Videos Into a Blog Posts

We will transcribe every word spoken in your live stream video and then format them into an easy-to-read article that you can place on your website. Not only will your videos draw users on the social media platforms you post them to, but you'll also have page full of SEO-friendly keywords that Google will index to draw more organic search traffic to your website. At the top of the post, we will embed your video to increase viewership even further. For hobbyists that prefer to read rather than watch a video, these visitors to your website will be able to benefit from the information presented in your video without having to sit and watch it. For those that watch the video on your website, their time on site will increase dramatically. This is called "Dwell Time" by SEO experts and is considered an important ranking signal by Google and other search engines. As part of this service, we will provide beautiful photographs of aquarium life, include relevant product imagery, and highlight specifications or important details in tables, charts, graphs, pull quotes, or other reader-friendly graphical elements. Last but not last, we will interlink the article to other relevant pages on your website, which is another SEO best practice. Now your live stream isn't merely a  one-off video, it's a search engine optimized landing page that you can use to turn qualified leads into customers by adding an email collection pop-up or other lead magnet.

Upload & Optimize Your Live Videos

You may be thinking, "Why would I pay someone to upload my video?" The answer is because once it's uploaded, you'll still need to write a click-bait title, detailed description, add relevent hyperlinks, add high-volume search keywords as tags, include trending hashtags, design an eye-catching (and appropriately-sized thumbnail), append Google Analytics tracking tags, shorten URLs... and then repeat for all your social channels. All of this minutea is very time-consuming but well worth the effort.

Live Stream Directly on Your Website

If you've ever done a livestream before, you've probably heard from some would-be viewers that they don't use Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube and therefore won't be tuning in. But hey, you can't please everyone, right? Wrong! In addition to multicasting on multiple social networks, you can also embed your live stream video right on your website. This under utilized practice is a great way to funnel all of the traffic that would otherwise go to YouTube, Facebook, or another social network to your website... which is exactly where you want them to be! Best of all, you and other viewers can see comments, reactions, and viewer counts and even highlight them in your broadcast. If you are planning to capture leads by doing a giveaway during or after your livestream, hosting the broadcast on your own website is a no-brainer.

Live Stream on Popular Reef Forums

Another way to gain viewership is by embedding your livestream video onto popular reef aquarium forums like and Normally the only way to do that would be to pay these sites for a sponsorship, which can cost hundreds of dollars per month. Fortunately for you, we've partnered with these forums and other aquarium-related message boards so that we can feature our livestreams on them without you having to foot the bill. Since ReefStream is an offical sponsor of these websites, we can create a new thread in our sponsored sub-forum and embed your Facebook and YouTube videos there. Forum members will be able to comment and interact with your brand in real-time as long as you have a company representative on the forum as well to answer their questions. We'll also include relevant hyperlinks to your website and/or product pages. Since these websites have a high domain authority, you'll not only benefit from additional web traffic, you'll also be helping your website's SEO and climb in search engine rankings.

Create Social Events & Invite Hobbyists

Stress-test your designs with real, diverse data sets that add faces, names, places and more in just a few clicks.

Design & Send Email Drip Campaign

From buttons, to menus, to cards and beyond, with Smart Layout your components can resize automatically to fit their content.


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ReefStream makes livestreaming ridiculously easy.

Doing a livestream used to require an extraordinary amount of preparation. What used to require a team of four people now only requires one. It saves me so much time not having to worry about multicasting, brodcast quality, graphics, and so many other of the important little nunaces of livestream production.


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